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Alci jumps

Try to finish all the jumps levels in the minimum time as possible Use the arrow keys to move and space bar to jump.

Agafa les boles 2

Agafa les boles amb la teva cistella. Les boles vermelles et donen un punt, les verdes dos i les grises 3.


Go on a sea journey, avoid the harpoons and eat as much fish as you can. Eat flying fish to get your own wing. Move with arrows and shoot with SPACE. Player 2 controls: ASDW and shoot with CTRL.

Adventures of Mushroom Man

Run through this short platform scroller.

Adventure Pumpkin

To complete a level you must collect all the candles on it. On the game you are given four lives, if they run out you is need to start over. Controls: Arrow

Adventure of Love

find true your love, and kill all the enemies that prevent you from finding true love. movement = arrow keys action = UP key

Adventure Game

First Flash project done for school. Showing we understand how flash frames work.


Jack Cannon needs your help! Interrogate the terrorist and help Jack find out where Amy was taken! Click speech bubbles to pick dialog options.


Jack Cannon needs your help! Follow the on screen instructions to fight the terrorists! Use keyboard to type letters and arrows in time!

1-Button Platformer

A simple endless platformer using only the space bar space to jump, space to double jump