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Four Pile Patience

A card game of memory and strategy. The aim of Four Pile Patience is to place cards from ace to king of each suit on the four foundations. Cards can be moved from the stock to any pile, and in a limited manner between piles.

Find The Lady

Classic three card game. On the first screen you will see 3 buttons, Level 1, 2 and 3. Level 1 is the easiest level with Level 3 being the hardest. Click one of the buttons to play. On the main screen you will see three cards. The Queen of Hearts is the one you will […]

Find The Lady

Classic three card game. Follow the Queen. Click the Play button and try to follow where the Queen moves to. When the cards have stopped moving, click the card you think is the Queen. The game gets progressively faster, so keep your eyes on the Queen.

Final Patrol

A strategy card game where you try to survive waves of patrols. Simply read the online prompts for most of the game. Notes: noncombat cards include medics, behind, cover and air raid. Thes cards can only be played during the supply phase before you draw a card.


Do you believe in ESP? How many times do you think people can correctly guess if a next card will be higher or lower than the previous one? Once? Twice? More? Find out in ESP Run and test your own ESP Abilities. Use the higher or lower buttons to predict if the next card will […]

Feelgood Solitaire

Can you sort the cards into suits before the time runs out in our classic game of Klondike solitaire? Sort the deck into 4 suits from Ace to King before the time runs out! Cards are placed on the table in descending order and alternate colour. Empty slots may be filled with kings or piles […]

Easter Card 21

Test your Skill or Luck in this Easter Card Game!


It’s prettty much a Black Jack game, but you can raise your bids every deal.

Chance Dice

52 Weeks of Game Development: Week 1. The „52 Weeks of Game Development“ project is a 2012 New Year’s resolution I made to create a new game every week. This game is based on the dice game known as „Evens and Odds“. You throw five dice and subtract the odds from the evens. In this […]


火影扑克1.0 这是一款棋牌类Flash小游戏。“扎金花”的姊妹篇。当您总计分大于60分的时候,*会显示一直隐藏的提交分数按钮。发挥您的牌运吧!