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Digital Luck

Scratch Fun game , for scratcher lovers , and for people who wants to see how lucky they are .

Castle Gamble

Bet and gamble gold to upgrade your castle and level up. in-game instructions

Caucasian Roulette

This is a place your safest best bet game when marbles are on the screen and by simple taps are dropped down in order to hit the targets & recieve score. The game has 3 modes of playing Classic, Survival, and Timer In all modes, there is a panel of marbles. The player tap control […]

CDC Game

Just bet for your favourite horse

Card Counting Practice

This simulator will give you real experience counting cards in Blackjack. After choosing your settings, and clicking the count box to hide it, simply count the cards as they appear. When cards have finished, check you counting abilities by checking the count in your head with the one in the Count Box. After mastering this […]

Cards video poker

Pay close attention to the all important „hold“ button. Some people hit it too fast or not hard enough and a card meant to be held is discarded. Make sure all the video poker cards you want to hold are held before pushing the draw button. Check each video poker machine you play. Some have […]

Blind Card

Poker variant with only one card.

Blind Card (portugues)

uma variante do poker com apenas uma carta, onde voce conhece apenas as cartas dos seus adversários.

Black Jack or Drink

Playing blackjack for a drink. Lost, takes a sip of alcohol. The end of this game can serve as a complete loss of consciousness due to alcohol.

Blackjack 21 Shocking Panel

This standard game of 21 Blackjack sends a shocking response when the player goes over 21. Click play, then hold or draw to try to get a score of 21 or close to 21 without going over 21.