Black Angle

Black angle fight the death,and escape from the hell. WASD move character, J attck, K jump. AA/DD rush, J+K,S+D+J,S+D+S+J,S+S+S+J big skill.

Big heads: Soul of the sword

Compared with last edition(Jue决), we add one more character. There are 4 competitors to fight against with. The last boss is yourself but in gray color, with very strong AI. Relax mode: W/A/S/D to move. J/K/L to punch. U/I/O to skill attack. 7/8/9 to enhanced skill attack. M to revenge attack. Professional mode: W/A/S/D to move. J/K/L to punch. ↓ → + J/K/L to skill attack. ↓ → ↓ → + J/K/L to enhanced skill attack. ← → ← → + L to revenge attack.

Ben 10 Alien Box

Alien boxing game.

Bathroom Fight

A multiplayer fight to see who goes to the bathroom. Will you go first?


这是《Jue决》的续作,重命名为《大头鬼》系列,本作的中文名字是《大头鬼之 剑魂之怒》。增加了新人物,关卡数增多了,AI也提高了很多。增加蓄气系统,每 个人都改进了动作,并且新增了很多必杀技。希望大家喜欢。 傻瓜模式: W/A/S/D 移动. J/K/L 轻、中、重拳. U/I/O 必杀技. 7/8/9 蓄气必杀技. M 复仇必杀技. 专业模式: W/A/S/D 移动. J/K/L 轻、中、重拳. ↓ → + J/K/L 必杀技. ↓ → ↓ → + J/K/L 蓄气必杀技. ← → ← → + L 复仇必杀技.

Autumn War

Command your troops as they battle hordes of zombies!


WASD控制人物移动 J是攻击1 K是跳跃 L是攻击2 I是能量波。 WASD控制人物移动 J是攻击1 K是跳跃 L是攻击2 I是能量波。

Arm of Revenge (Traditional Ch


Arm of Revenge

Calling all the fighters on the earth... Do you like Street Fighter, KOF, Devil May Cry, or Shank? Now you got the most fun fighting/action game on the Flash platform -Arm of Revenge! Touching story, smooth moves, more than 30 skills to combo, 3 types of arm to change, survival mode...and more! Challenge your friend and hit the highest combos! Remember, this will be the most fun fighting game you never ever seen on the Flash platform! Enjoy it! Try Pressing JKJKJKJK...Try switching to Gun Arm or Blaze Arm...Unlimited combo combinations are waiting for you to discover...;) Game Features: Beautiful Artwork (Character and scene design) Smooth Moves (High frame animations) Fabulous Effect (3D Effects make the game artwork a higher level) Touching Storyline (All fights are based on stories) Arm Switching System (The hero’s arm can be changed to fist, gun or blade! You can generate) Mass Fighting Skills (A large number of fighting moves, but simple and easy control) Combo System (You can combo the fighting skills and gain awards and medals!) Judgment System (After each battle you get a judgment overall score! See how may S you can get!) Perfect Hitting Feeling (Hitting Feeling is so important to an Action Game. We have a designer who has been playing fighting games over 25 years and won several fighting game matches came to adjust the hitting feeling of the game for us and it makes the game just perfect!) Clever AI (Enemies is not that easy to be beaten up! They have very clever AI, especially in the Expert mode!) Particle Effect (When an enemy’s down, HP, SP and EXP will be generated from the enemy as particle and they will be absorbed by the hero! Very popular effect on console games!) Growing up System (You can learn over 20 fighting skills and you see the hero growing up during game progress! ) Item System (You can buy items in the store to increase your power!) CG collection System (There are hidden concept CGs in game which need you to discover and collect!) Achievements System (More than 30 achievements need you to unlock!) And more…!

Ant Kendo

Ant to ant fighting. Play With Your Mouse.